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How Merck managed an ambitious relaunch with the help of Siteimprove

We’re using Siteimprove on a daily basis. The tool itself is very easy to use, and it saves me a lot of time, and enables us to centrally manage the content and the findings. We can directly jump to several findings on the page and correct them there as our CMS system is also connected to it.

Jörg Lothal

Senior manager of corporate communications, web intelligence, and SEM


web pages to manage


million more visitors after launch


point increase in Net Promoter Score

Setting the course for an ambitious relaunch

Merck Group, a multinational science and technology company with an impressive 60,000 employees, is notoriously cutting-edge in the healthcare, life sciences and electronics industries.

With such a diverse range of expertise spread across industries and countries, managing Merck's digital ecosystem of over 100 different websites and web applications was a complex challenge. Over time, the team at Merck came to the decision that consolidating into one unified web presence was the best solution for their organization.

At the helm of this ambitious project is Jörg Lothal, senior manager of corporate communications, web intelligence, and SEM. Jörg and his team chose Siteimprove to help them execute a complete website relaunch and gain control over their entire digital estate.

A place where all content converges

An organization of this size has information and content from a range of different departments and locations in production at all times – which makes managing that content an especially difficult task. But with Siteimprove, that task became much simpler. The platform gave the team at Merck the oversight, capability, and resources to monitor and manage every piece of content from one centralized place.

The Siteimprove platform also connected to Merck's CMS system, so they could directly jump to several detected issues on the page and correct them there. Katharina Koch, team support for the web and branding teams, uses the Siteimprove platform on a daily basis and has found that it has revolutionized the way she works.

The tool itself is very easy to use, and it saves me a lot of time, and enables us to centrally manage the content and the findings

Katharina Koch
Team support for live management and project management office

Siteimprove also created a space for more agile collaboration between teams, which, due to the number of authors they work with, is crucial for Merck. Between improved workflows and simpler processes, the digital team has been able to implement a successful continuous content optimization process.

Less is more (4x more)

Just how successful has that content optimization process been?

Since the team at Merck began using Siteimprove, they were able to reduce over 100 different websites into one consolidated web presence. They've quadrupled their website traffic, moving from 2.5 million annual website visitors to 10 million. And on top of all that, the digital team was able to increase their Net Promoter Score by 30 points (and counting).

The Siteimprove platform was able to help Merck dramatically improve the quality of their website and the workflows of their people. Moving forward, Merck aims to resonate within the scientific and academic communities and continue to sharpen their brand presence and website quality. With Siteimprove at their disposal, Merck can continue to grow, improve, and thrive.

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