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Claim your customized Digital Insights Report

Get a custom analysis of your website’s experience, and understand just how your users are interacting with your digital experiences.

What is the Digital Insights Report?

We use our cloud-based digital marketing solution to conduct a custom audit of your website, then send you a report with a snapshot of your website health. The report provides scores in three areas: content quality, digital accessibility, and SEO.

You’ll also receive your score breakdowns, an overview of issues as they appear on your website, and free tips on how you can fix the critical issues.

Why claim your Digital Insights Report?

Your website is the front page of your brand, and your most valuable business asset. It’s where your brand makes its first impression on your audience, and where you grow your relationship with visitors, customers, and potential prospects.

We want to help you understand:

  • How you compare to peers in your industry
  • How your content performs across marketing channels
  • Which key opportunities you can act on

This custom analysis of your site provides a snapshot of your brand’s website experience, so you can optimize your website, attract new visitors, and drive conversions.

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