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Approved for all audiences

First impressions matter. The minute your website fails to deliver an exceptional experience — for one user, or many — your brand is compromised. That’s why our digital governance solution guarantees that your digital journey works as it should for everyone, everywhere, every hour of the day.

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A composite image of a woman assisting a man on a computer, overlayed with digital accessibility metrics: an accessibility score of 67.3/100, and ratings for Level A at 86.2, Level AA at 72.5, and Level AAA at 49.1 out of 100. A graph shows a 24% positive trend in engagement.

Turn reach into revenue

When your site welcomes and works for every user, you expand your potential audience base. That translates into increased revenue.

Work smarter, not harder

Nothing eats up time like finding and fixing errors one by one. When the finding is automated, and you have easy-to-follow guidance on how to remediate, the fixing is faster.

Boost credibility

When every link works and every page is error-free, you’re not just delivering functional quality — you’re elevating your entire brand.

More than just a checkbox

Inclusive, accessible site design is more than a compliance checkpoint; it drives real, tangible results that benefit you just as much as your audience.


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Built for inclusivity

Regulatory compliance

Need confirmation that you’ve ticked all the boxes when it comes to regulations such as Section 508, ADA, HIPAA or the European Accessibility Act? Automated scans crawl your site for any issues that run counter to the latest WCAG 2.2 standards, while manual accessibility testing by trained professionals double-checks that absolutely nothing is missed.

Automated accessibility checks

When you’re able to audit tons of content across dozens of sites simultaneously, you can quickly prioritize the direst fixes. An added bonus? You can test your PDFs to make sure they’re fully accessible, too.

Guidance and practical recommendations

Listing what needs to be fixed is just part of the package. We explain found issues in laymen’s terms, offered alongside tailored, actionable to-dos and practical advice that you can use going forward.

Progress monitoring

Keeping track of your efforts is easy when you have a detailed overview of what accessibility issues have been fixed — and how those fixes have improved your overall accessibility score.

Readability tests

When you're evaluating your site’s accessibility, determining how difficult a page is to read is a critical component of quality assurance. Our machine learning model checks to make sure that every bit of your content is understandable for your target audience.

Customizable policies

Sometimes you need to follow your own rules in addition to universal ones. Within our platform, you can create your own policies, so that your site’s accessibility meets not just regulatory standards, but also your own advanced criteria.

Link and spell checks

Nothing compromises your brand quite like 404s and typos. Our solution finds and flags each and every one, even at the deepest layers of your site, and makes it easy to fix them right then and there in the platform.

Support and educational resources

From on-demand webinars to detailed how-to guides, we’ve got everything you need to learn how to make the most of our product. Still need human help? Have no fear: Help is just a few keystrokes away.

High marks across the board

We set the standard

We know the rules because we help write them. Our team partners with W3C, the UN, and IAAP on accessibility standards that apply across industries.

The reviews are in

G2, Capterra, and Gartner Peer Insights have recognized us as an industry leader; we also made the first Forrester Wave Digital Accessibility Platforms report.

Friends in high places

Our compatibility with industry-leading integrated extensions, plugins, and APIs helps you unify metrics, break down silos, and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

We’ve been making the web a better, more inclusive place since 2003. Ready to join us?

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